FemME Club Tour Ticket Amberian Dawm

 23,50 incl. BTW

The FIRST FemME Club TOUR of 2018 !!! Amberian Dawn, a FemME 2017 band, will be back in Eindhoven with an exclusive Benelux show on their Darkness of Eternity European Tour 2018. The Finnish melodic power metallers will release the album with the same name on November 10. On 17 February 2018 they will hit the main stage of Dynamo Eindhoven with co-headliner Edenbridge from Austria. Another nice moment is the CD release gig of another band with a FemME history. Dream Ocean will release their album “Lost Love Symphony” a couple of days later (22nd of February). Finnish Manzana completes the line-up.


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